Monday, 23 January 2012

I Am Back

I didn't blog yesterday.

Did you notice? Miss me? Care?

Well nothing happened and I didn't feel justified in drivelling for pages just for the sake of it.

So I didn't.

I thought it was better to come back when lots of new and exciting stuff had happened.

So why am I back now?

Hmmmm....let me think about that for a minute......

I think I am back because the longer you leave doing something the harder it is to do. So had I not blogged today it would have been even harder tomorrow. See what I mean?

So although nothing has happened again I felt I should write something.

I have just seen the Yahoo headline - passengers on the Concordia cruise ship have been offered a 30% discount on any future cruise they book. Are they having a laugh? Are any of those people ever going to set foot on a ship again? I wouldn't that's for sure. So the company would be getting a bargain there, wouldn't they?

Anything else?

I thought we had sold 2 more ducks. A lady enquired but she wants older ones. So I said I would keep in touch with her and let her know if we still had any later one.

The 3 indoors ducks are about to become outdoors ducks.

Next door's phone is ringing.

See what I mean? Nothing is happening.

Oh it is - I have coloured my hair. Photo's to follow when I have ironed it.

Ella is sitting next to me. Sam the cat who thinks he is a dog is outside somewhere.

Tomorrow is exciting - we have a dentist's appointment. Just a check up but it's a big thing to me - I am dentist phobic. Bad experiences as a child have left their mark on me.

So for now I'll just have to say TTFN.

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