Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I am NOT depressed.......

Yet another 'nothing' day.

We have done the usual cleaning, bathing and feeding ducks. They are a source of great joy.

The cats had another mouse between them this morning and are now flaked out on the sofa - knackered!

Other than that very little........

Steve's parents phoned to warn us that it is going to be COLD this weekend. They offered us back the calor heater we gave them, and said they would pay half our fuel to get there (it's about £50 - £60). Now we know they are worried about us.

The last time they were worrying like this was when we lived in Micheldever. We rented the attic of an old farmhouse and it was so cold we had to have heating on in summer. We were unemployed, I had a frozen shoulder, and we were both on anti- depressants. I still am. We lost a lot of weight as we couldn't afford to heat and eat. And to top it all we had our car stolen.

That was our lowest point.

We have gradually been pulling ourselves back up since then. And succeeding.


January is notoriously quiet in our trade.

So the cash flow isn't too well right now.

It would help if our ex landlord paid us the money she owes.

But she is being stubborn.

And pretty stupid now - we have the right to send bailiffs in but I really don't want to do that.

I spent a couple hours last night downloading cool blinkies and other pictures, only to find none of them saved.

I tried to photograph the dozens of little birds feeding on our washing line (temporary feeding area) this morning. But each time I picked the camera up they scarpered.

So no pix today.

After lunch I had another lay down on the sofa and had about half an hour snooze. I cannot let myself get into that habit again. When I met Steve I was sleeping all afternoon. Every afternoon.

Not the brightest of days.

I am not depressed.......

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