Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Keeps Earned!

Sam and Ella have done what they were brought here for........

                                THEY HAVE CAUGHT THEIR FIRST MOUSE!

When I say 'caught' I actually mean it in the loosest possible terms.....

What we think happened was that Mickey popped his little head up out of a hole at the exact same moment Sam was passing by. Result - one 'caught' mouse.

Once they had got it they did what cats do to mice ie tormented the poor little thing to within an inch of its life, then despatched it anyway.

I didn't get any photo's of Sam with it, but I did snap Ella......

Part of me hates this part of cats, but it is nature and it is what we got them for. Didn't like hearing poor little mousey squeaking though - sounded so much like one of their mouse toys it took us a while to realise it was a real one!

                                                             But Ella is a pretty girl isn't she?

Today has been a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng day which started at 5.30 a.m. I didn't even know there were 2 of those in a day!

We were part of a team of carpet cleaners working a cruise ship. We had to be in Southampton for 7.30. Bleurgh.

It was an interesting experience.

The haves and the have nots.

People pay from £1800 each for these holidays. And it is no longer just the rich and famous who cruise.  Ordinary, everyday folks were queuing in their hundreds to board.

Then there are the hard working little cabin boys. They are lucky if they earn £1800 in a year.

Am I being cynical again or is there something wrong here?

The sheer opulence of these ships seems unnecessary.

The money being spent by and on the privileged few.

We saw huge floral arrangements being delivered. Why? They won't live more than a couple of days in the heat. Stacks and stacks of crates of alcohol stood waiting to be loaded. Food piled high ditto.

The waste must be enormous.

No, this is not sour grapes on my part. We have done a cruise. That was in the days when we had money to spend. I won't say 'waste' as it was a fabulous holiday - A Nile cruise that made us fall in love with Egypt, and totally changed our lives.

But seeing it from the 'other side' of the operation really opened my eyes.

I don't think we would cruise again, even if we could afford to.

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