Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nature is a Hard Taskmaster

I am feeling a bit sad right now.

I know it's daft and I have no reason to but.....

Ella caught a little bird.

Yes, I know we have celebrated when they have caught mice. We have told them what good cats they are. So why should it feel different when they catch birds?

They are following instinct. I know that. But seeing both the cats with the ducks it is even more of a shock that they can differentiate.

I took this photo of Ella this morning whilst I was cleaning the ducklings out. Ella came into the kitchen and rather than make a big 'no no' of the ducks I decided to let her watch them. Did I inadvertently encourage her to chase birds?

Three hours after this our adorable Ella was a convicted bird killer.

So do we stop feeding the birds in the garden? 

I have visions of Mr and Mrs Blue Tit coming home after a hard day and doing a head count...'Where's our Billy then?'

'Dunno Mum, he was hanging around all those big white ducks. Those 2 dumb cats were there......'

So why didn't I have similar visions of Mr and Mrs Mouse - where's our Mickey then?

Is it because we are brought up to admire the pretty little birdies, but despise the 'dirty vermin'?

Why should there be a difference?

I am having a hard time accepting that the gorgeous little girl who snuggles on my lap is a cold blooded killer. Of pretty little birds who I encourage into our garden, thereby luring them to their death.

I guess I am feeling guilty.

On a brighter note I finally got a photo of that woodpecker on our nuts!

How pretty is that?

I also caught a really cute moment with Ebony. Ivory and Opal this morning too. This was before I cleaned them out when they were standing in puddles of diluted poo and food. Eeuww....

Ebony appears to have an arm around her little sisters taking care of them - cute or what?!

And a third nice thing - 3 of the BIG ducks finally went into their day shelter today. We put this old rabbit hutch out there about a week ago so they have somewhere to sit inside if they didn't like the weather. Yes, I know - they are ducks and are supposed to like all weathers. But no one has told them that, so I insisted they have this option.

I think there are 3 in there.

Ace decided this looked like a good game so she somehow shoved the others aside to fit her wide end in too. Bit of a squash but they looked so cute - this is our den!

So overall a pretty good day. 

Just this bird business. 

I have to toughen up. 

And buy Ella a new collar with a very LOUD bell on it.

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