Thursday, 19 January 2012

Not blogging today

Well I was.

And I did.

I wrote loads about our day.

It was witty.

Even I had to laugh and I knew what was coming next.

Then something happened and it all disappeared.

Pouf in a puff of smoke.

Well not in a puff of smoke but it disappeared.

Drafts? Yes - I had the title which was

"I need a new TH adjective".

See? Even the title was amusing.

I told the tale of how we went to buy duck feed.

And new collars for the cats.

You would have wet yourself laughing at it.

I did.

You would have had aching sides at the antics in the Village Shop.

I did.

But, alas, it has all gone.

So you will never know how much we had to pay for a bag of sugar will you?

What a shame.

'Till tomorrow.....

PS - £1.40!

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