Sunday, 1 January 2012

Our Third Little Miracle

She arrived at 2.20 pm this afternoon!

I had been watching for about half an hour. Tap, peep, tap tap, peep peep peep....

She was at this point........

......and Steve said 'You think she's going to pop out in the next few minutes do you?'


'And you're going to sit and wait for that are you?'


No sooner had I said the second 'yup' and the shell literally exploded into this little darling......

Who is as yet unnamed.

Isn't she just too precious?

And to think that this time last week we thought they were all dead in shell.

It doesn't look as if the other 5 blue eggs are going to do anything now, but we are not quite ready to put them in the pond. After the past 2 days almost anything could happen.

Ivory now has 2 wide open eyes and a maleable wing, just looking slightly bruised. So she is perfect now!

Her and Ebony are bonding so nicely.

How cute is that?

I am anxious to get the third baby in there ASAP so as not to upset the dynamics too much. Provided she is dry and fluffed she will be put with them this evening before we go to bed.

First swim today!

Ebony was put in the WUP first and immediately tried to jump out. But as soon as Ivory was in she calmed down. They really are lovely together.

We have to wonder who thinks whom is Mama Duck?!

                                                                   Water Babies.

It has been raining quite hard today. The outdoors ducks are proving the saying about a Lovely Day for Ducks. They have been showering and splashing and generally having a ball.

Everything is good here today.

Well almost......

A few months ago I bought a 2012 calendar.

Audrey Hepburn.

I put her safely in the bedroom so I would know where she was when January 1st came along.


We have rearranged the bedroom since then.

And she got moved.

I can clearly remember saying we would remember where she was.

Ha! Do we heck as like?

Is it unlucky to put a calendar up after 1st?

I don't think so.

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