Friday, 20 January 2012

Out on the Town


Nah - don't make me laugh. The closest we get to town is shopping. And we avoid that if we possibly can.

So who is out on the town?

The ducks.

Well when I say out on the town I obviously don't mean 'out on the town'.

Just out.

As in out the front of the house.

2 reasons.

One is to give them lots of fresh (clean!) grass to chew.

Two is to give the depleted grass in the back garden chance to grow a little.

So this morning we had to transfer them from one garden to the other.

Should be easy enough - open gate, out waddle ducks, close gate, job done.

The ducks had their own agenda.

Open gate........nothing. They all just stood there watching us. Or ignoring us.

Bribery then - out comes the box of (irresistible) dried worms.

Not a thing.

It's as if they sensed strange things were afoot.

So in the end they had to suffer the indignity of being carried.

                                                                   Very unladylike!

Nine trips later they were all in the front garden as happy as the proverbial Larry (whoever he was).

We  keep looking at them to see that they are alright. They are having a grand old time grubbing in the grass.

Whilst we had them in hand, so to speak, we attempted to sex them. At the age they are (8 weeks) the only way is from their voices. Girls have the classic loud WAK WAK whilst boys make a softer, gentler sound. To our amateur ears we have 5 boys and 3 girls. Typical - people are keener to have females for the eggs. And one of the girls is little  Dot, who we don't think will be sold anyway.

An hour ago Steve was looking out of the window and suddenly ran to the front door. Uh-oh I thinks, something's wrong.........

I heard him talking to someone - 'The ducks don't bite".



He claims he had knocked the door and rang the bell but no one answered. How strange - neither of us heard that. AND he had a recorded delivery envelope so he should have been putting a note through anyway.

Had they been a garden full of geese I would be able to understand his trepidation. But they are soppy looking, fat waddly ducks. And they were behind a specially constructed fence!

Steve did his good deed for the year today.

He gave our professional gardener next door neighbour our greenhouse.

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