Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Real Nothing Day

Oh I don't mean to sound ungrateful or whingy, but today has been just nothing.

We haven't been anywhere.

We haven't really done anything.

The kitties have been the kitties.

Duckies ditto.

Steve has pottered in the garden.

I have done likewise in the house.

Neither of us has felt like doing much.

I have to wonder if we picked up a touch of the Norovirus? Or is it just the cold?

Full moon is imminent, is it that?

Or the shoot?

Whatever it is it hasn't been the most productive/interesting/exciting of days.

I even had half an hour's snooze after lunch, and I haven't done that for a long, long time.

Oh, something nice did happen - Audrey the calendar turned up. I was sorting out books, and suddenly there she was. Large as life and twice as lovely.

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