Monday, 30 January 2012


We woke this morning to snow.

This could be the day we bought our Volvo for - it has snow control and this would be its chance to prove itself.

We had work on in Whitchurch which is about 20 miles away. By the time we got there it was brilliant sunshine. Huh - so much for proving its worth.

Coming home the sun gradually faded and we drove into gloom. Most of the snow had melted, so still no proving could be done.

Not that I like snow, but the hedgerows did look very pretty covered in a smattering.

I have got to the point with my hypno band that I am noticing a difference. My meals are about 1/3 what they were pre-op. I have had one or two 'lack of sustenance' headaches, but very little hunger. I have a goal. I bought a pair of cargo jeans a couple of years ago which fitted me perfectly. They got really loose when I became poorly, but now have shrunk in the wash.....I can get them on but I can't fasten them. It is my goal to get into them again. Comfortably.

I have just spent 10 minutes trying to find photo's that I know we took 2 years ago of me wearing them. They are hiding. I will post them if when they turn up.....

Ducks have been given a good clean today. Well not the ducks, obviously, their living accomodation. We acquired a pressure washer and tested it out this aft. Wow - it's brilliant!

I am going to put a picture on here tonight even if I have to draw one!

My friend took this photo one morning last week at 7.40 a.m. 

Stunning or what?

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