Saturday, 14 January 2012

Still Alive!

Yes, I am still alive.

Not necessarily in the same place, but still alive.

Let me explain.....

I am in the midst of changing from one PC to another. Today I was moving stuff over in earnest (I do have lots of 'stuff').

I had bookmarked my blog on IE8 which is where I have always worked from.

I made the clock and tried to copy and paste but IE8 was having none of it.

I can read my blog there but I can't do anything with it.


Luckily I had already installed Google Chrome as IE8 doesn't let me read other blogs in full so I was already doing that in chrome.

So now I am having to work in Chrome.

Not overjoyed at the prospect, but at least I can still tell my tales every day.

Not that there is much to tell today.....

Got up.

Cleaned duckies.


Felt tired.

Went to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting?!?!

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