Monday, 9 January 2012

That was Yesterday

I didn't blog yesterday. Had you noticed? Please say 'yes' then I know that someone reads this!

Actually I know I am read, and I know which areas of the world I am read in most. Very interesting!

Anyway, there was a very good reason for me not blogging - I had PC issues.

I have worked on a laptop for years. Always been happy with it, but it does have its limitations.

So when Steve asked me if I would be interested in the desktop PC he has been putting together I didn't hesitate in saying 'yes please'

So yesterday was spent trying to swap all my essential stuff from one to the other....

We got it pretty much sorted, then tried to go online.

Ha! It was such an old machine it only offered dial up!

So for now I am still using my laptop until the dongle Steve ordered arrives.

Not much happened yesterday anyway so you didn't miss much.

Today? Likewise really....

The outdoor ducks have had their area rearranged. again. Trouble is it is all so muddy out there. And that means they cannot get properly clean. We have a paddling pool on order that we should be able to pump out every other day so that they always have access to clean-ish water.

I am so embarrassed by the muddy state of them, but they are very happy ducks, which must account for something!

Indoor ducks are coming on in leaps and bounds. In their bath today Ebony and Ivory made it clear they understand what a bath is for. I had their bowl in the kitchen sink today so that I could sit and watch them. I go very splashed! But again, happy ducks is what it is all about.....Poor little Opal still doesn't get this water thing and watched them both warily.

After their swim and preen they dried out all fluffy and gorgeous.....

                                      They are almost always this close to each other - so cute!
I have put an ad up on Preloved for the outdoor babies.....

I hated doing it, but the whole point of raising them is to sell them.

People are looking at them......

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