Monday, 16 January 2012

The Things People Try to Give Away.

I have mentioned Freecycle several times haven't I? I love it. It also exasperates me.

For those of you who are not familiar with Freecycle I will explain the principles of it...

It is an online 'community' of people trying to save the planet from unnecessary landfill. So anything we have that we no longer want we offer to others. Anyone who wants what we are offering writes to us and says why we should give it to them and not someone else.

At least that is the theory of it.

In practise there are the usual few who ruin it for the majority. Those who treat it as a shopping list, without paying. We have seen 'I am in desperate need of an iPod' 'Got a house and need everything for it' 'Urgently need a 3 piece suite - must be beige or brown'.

But generally it is a good place to be.

I have met 3 good friends through Freecycling. So far. I may also have just met a new one.....

A chap was advertising this morning that he had cauliflower leaves to get rid of. This amused me, so I forwarded it to a friend with a cryptic comment.

A lady had similar thoughts and posted it to the group.

I couldn't resist answering her.

We have been exchanging e mails on and off all day - mainly putting the world to rights!

She has teenage children so is right in the thick of all the textese language that seems to have infiltrated normal life. Yes, I occasionally use FFS or WTF but that's about all. It's the ones who write their 'wants' in this language who were put under the microscope today.

Plz I need chester draws (is a popular gripe of mine) asap. With a x. Whatever happened to the English language?

Busy day?

Well pretty much although in dribs and drabs (to quote a (Freecycled!) friend of mine - what is a drib, what is a drab?!) to be honest.

We rearranged our bedroom.

We do this quite a lot - rearranging rooms.

The bedroom is a favourite due to the size of it. We think it was actually intended to be the lounge, but then what we use as a lounge wouldn't be big enough to get the bed, bedside cabinets, dressing table, 3 x wardrobes and numerous 'chester draws' in. It is small and cosy so the bedroom is BIG.

We had the bed under the front window, but with the sun coming up earlier it makes Steve wake up at silly o' clock. So we have moved it back into the middle of the room. It sounds daft, but there is actually more space in the room with it adjusted so. Neither of us can figure this out.

This was taken midway, which is why the bed is untidy.

                                                                                    See the sun Steve has to escape from?!

It is a lovely bright sunny room - the house faces South, so always sunny at the front. We love it. It also has a nice. serene atmosphere.

See the chair next to the bed? That is our electric chair. (Not the sort that does away with people!). One of those that lays you down and stands you up at the press of a button. We really love it and it will be superb when we are old(er) but it takes up so much space in the room.

Know anyone who wants to buy an electric chair?

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