Thursday, 12 January 2012


Why am I struggling so much to wake in the mornings?

Why do I want to doze off after lunch?

Is it just, as my friend says, the weather?

Dunno, but I don't like it. I want to feel alive and exhilarated. Instead I just feel knackered all the time.

Hey ho.

So I finally got up this morning (9 o'clock I think) and we got started on the day. We had to buy a pump as the old one had failed so miserably to empty the duck pond. So first we had to track one down.

We found one in Screwfix. We have a Screwfix in Salisbury so off we went.

Weird, but they did have one in stock (and the machine did accept Steve's debit card!).

We also popped into PC World for something or other to get my PC online. And came home with nothing except a new idea (Steve's clearly).

Went straight out into the garden when we got in as we were both keen to see the pond empty.

It worked in the paddling pool where the water was relatively clean.

But not in the big pond.

Steve says it is to do with the narrowness of the hose pipe and there being big bits in the pond water getting stuck. I thought it was a dirty water pump. Guess I got it wrong. So we have to buy wider hose.

The idea for the PC didn't work and as I write he is stomping around having a paddy 'cos 'nothing ever goes right'. Hate it when he is like this. He is usually so positive and I rely on him for my strength. But everything does seem to being going off kilter at the moment.....

On a bright note we got new eggs today. There were 6 in the box but one was damaged :-(. So 5 little Aylesbury eggs will go into the incubator tonight.


The woodpecker was on our nuts this morning. I couldn't sneak off to get the camera as he would have flown, so I downloaded a picture of one instead.......

Isn't that gorgeous?

Also I 'won' a steamer from Freecycle today, so we  I will be having steamed veggies with dinner tonight. Yum. Steve detests the idea of this - sounds too healthy I think!

And I got my 'aw' moment when I went to put the ducks in.

Remember last night I said the door was shut? Tonight it wasn't.......

I SAID they would if the door was open didn't I?! Steve had propped it open with bricks!

It was just so damned cute - they are learning the routine.

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