Saturday, 21 January 2012

We are a Success!

By 'we' I mean Puddleducks.


We sold a pair of ducks today!

A nice young man called Ben rang up a couple of days ago saying he wanted 2 x female ducks. Which is the main reason we were trying to sex them. He said he would be here on Saturday morning.

Sure enough he turned up this morning.

He said he wanted the ducks for his Mum's birthday present as she has always wanted an Aylesbury. Awww...

He took her shopping yesterday for a pond and food and told her she would be getting a duck tomorrow. He didn't say that he planned to get her 2. What a nice kid!

We showed him how to tell the sex and he heard all our girls being LOUD. Steve (ever the salesman) persuaded him that a male and a female would be nice so that his Mum could breed them if she wanted to. And 2 girls would be MEGA loud. He agreed and took what we think is one girl and one boy.

So I stood there watching 2 of our beautiful babies being driven away. The other ducks seemed to be shocked too.

How did I feel?

Partly jubilant - our adverts and website had worked.

But also sad - I have loved and nurtured those ducks and now I have no say in their future.

But I mustn't think like that - we always planned to sell them, so I have to get used to it.

The rest of them were taken back to their familiar territory where a crowd of 9 became a crowd of 7.

I bathed the 3 babies and got some fun photo's of them eating out of my hand......

Twins Ivory and Opal.

Not sure who this one is!

They are 3 weeks old this weekend, so they have to be prepared to move outside into the nursery. Actually it's more me who has to be prepared.....

I am trying to gradually cool their bath water down - honest. They were having it quite warm (body temperature0 when they were really tiny, and each day I say I will put them in a cold bath. But when I put my hand in a cold bath, I just can't do it to the little loves.....So it remains tepid. It has to be cold as their outdoor bath water will come straight from the outdoor tap. And that is freezing. I'll make their bath cooler tomorrow......

Sam cat was funny this afternoon. He must trust and feel so relaxed with us. Look at this.....

Because he is black you may have to adjust your screen!

He is becoming more affectionate, which is lovely. Ella is still slightly more aloof, but can be fussy when she feels like it. A pair of typical cats really.

It's beginning to get dark now so I will go and put the remaining ducks away. I hope they don't miss the others too much.


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