Thursday, 26 January 2012

Why isn't it Friday yet?

All day I have been thinking it is Friday.

Thinking about it I know it's not, but it somehow just felt like a Friday.

Dunno why, it just did.

I wasn't wishing it was Friday - one day is much the same as the next and as the one before. Days are days and only differ in what we call them.

As a child I was always told not to wish my life away. It will all suddenly go too quickly, my Mum would admonish.

But you know what it's like as a kid - the days/week/months take forever, And anyway you know it all as a kid don't you? What do grown ups know - they were born middle aged.

Of course as I grew so did my wisdom - I did not know everything about everything. And yes, each year did seem to go faster than the last.

So I have always tried not to wish days away. They go too fast on their own!

So what did we do with this  Friday  Thursday?

Ducks. Basically. They do seem to take over our lives!

We are having a rethink about their housing.

I think I have mentioned before that Puddleducks Palace is lovely for the ducks, but a bitch to clean out. So Steve has been rearranging the woodshed to transfer all the tool shed things into so the ducks can live in the tool shed. be continued.....

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