Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Windy City

Alright then, not city but certainly windy.

We knew it was going to be windy - the BBC had announced it so it wouldn't dare not be windy. But we weren't prepared for the effects of it.

At 4 am something woke us, something being blown and crashing. We knew whatever it was there was nothing we could do in the middle of the night so we went back to sleep.

The 4 am crash was an old television aerial being blown over onto the roof. But since we don't have a television this was not a problem.

What was and still is a problem is the fence in the back garden......

This was our back garden at 8 a.m. today.

The fence that surrounds the ducks' main area is flat. Which means that the ducks cannot use it as they would be unsecured.

Beyond the perimeter of our garden is woodland and all its wild creatures, some of whom would love a duck supper.

So they have been kept in their smaller pen in front of Puddleducks Palace - just to the right of the picture. They have enough room there, they have a pond and access to their warm, dry home. We just prefer them to have more space to roam.

So Steve (aka Mr Fixit) has been on the case (once the weather allowed) putting fence posts into concrete in an effort to keep them in the ground once and for all.

The ducks were watching him and seemed totally unperturbed by the whole experience. It's we 'parents' who suffer the angst.

Another victim of the storm was the wild birds feeding area which was part of the fence. We had left the feeders laying on a table in the middle of the garden, and the 'regulars' flew up to use it. Bless them. So we have tied them all (food containers not birds!) onto the washing line (that is largely unused in winter) so that they can eat in safety. Cannot guarantee the cats would not see them as sport.....

A little sadness today - we finally laid the remaining 5 eggs to rest in the pond down the lane. This is me being soppy again - a fitting end for ducks and all that.

We opened each one up first to see what stage of development we had lost them at. Three had almost made it being covered in down and in the pipping position. We think they were victims of the power cut. The other 2 had died before developing fully.

I find this all very sad.

But nature knows best and if something is not viable I believe she deals with it in the kindest way.

Our goregous indoor babies are growing rapidly.

We have Steve has speculated that Opal is female.


Because she is LOUD!

I have found so many typos today and I am NOT going back to edit yet again.....Sorry.

Must be this Man Flu.

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