Monday, 27 February 2012

New Arrivals

We got 9 new ducklings today.

The 12 we have in the incubator are almost certainly non-viable so we had to have some alternatives. It is coming up to the busiest time of the year for selling ducks so we need to have enough to sell.

We have 2 x bigger ducks who are 3-4 weeks old and 7 x 6 day olds.....

Intrigued by Val and Tyne

Who in turn were completely unfazed by the arrival

The 2 big ones were clearly too large to stay in the indoor brooder so were taken outside to the heated nursery. This left the 7 little ones to fend for themselves....

It soon became apparent that none of them are used to human contact. Or water come to that. 

BIG change alert, Tiddlers......

First of all a bath.....

....which they took to like ducks to water!

I twiddled my fingers in the water as they were swimming. Initially they stuck to their safe 'hiding in the corner' routine. But as they enjoyed the water they ventured forth. I made sure I touched each of them whilst they were occupied and happy....

Gently, gently catchee monkee....

Or duck.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Is it worth it?


With anything really.

I don't feel very inclined to bother with this for much longer.....

I take time out each day to write about my life. No it's not all glitz and glamour, to many it must appear very dreary. But I love it and I thought people may find it interesting.

But while plenty of you read I still don't know how you view it.

And until I do I really don't feel inclined to carry on.

I may pop in from time to time just for an update.

But I definitely won't be posting every day anymore.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thinking Day

That's if you are part of the Guiding Movement.

I was briefly in the Brownies when I was 8/9 (?). I say 'briefly' - I was asked to leave because they just kept making me tie knots and I hated it. And told them so....

Anyway on 22nd February each year it is the Guides' Thinking Day. On this day you are expected to wear your brownie uniform to school. Yeah, right - something else to be bullied about. Wasn't it enough that they bullied me about so many other things? My name (Peach), the fact that I didn't speak the same as them (I was born in Leicester but my mother was from Devon so I was brought up with a very different accent). I was adopted. I was clever and the teachers liked me....the list went on. Thinking Day I didn't need.

My daughter was very happy to wear her Rainbows, Brownies and Guides uniforms - she went to special school where there was very little bullying as they were all disabled in some way. They respected each other's differences. (Able-bodied) kids can be so cruel.

 So Thinking Day and I got to thinking.....about this blog for one thing. You see, I know how many of you read me every day.......I like that people do, but I don't know how I am received. I don;t know if you all read my blog to make you feel better about your own lives, or if you are really interested in the things I do. Sooooooo

I am asking for comments please.

The comments widget is enabled so there is nothing stopping you. You could just tick the box or, more useful to me, actually write something. It doesn't have to be nice, and I am certainly not trawling for sycophants. The truth. So that if I am getting it wrong I can address what the problems are and change them.

Thank You.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Positive and Negative

One of those days....for every positive thing that happened something negative cancelled it out. I suppose of I were an optimist I would say, each time a not so good thing happened, something wonderful occurred.

But I'm not.

So I won't.

Positive - Steve started the duck house prototype.

Negative - Steve left doing the duck house prototype.

Positive - I did some teeny knitting

Negative - I lost the one remaining teeny knitting needle I have (other one is improvised from a bodkin)

Ducks are lovely

Ducks aren't selling

5 watchers on eBay chair

0 bids on eBay chair

See what I mean? All seems to be going well, then something else negates it.

And being a rather negative sort of person that makes it a not so good day.

Tomorrow will be better.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday, Monday

(Who remembers the Mamas and Papas? Ha - you're as old as me then!)

I had to get up 'early' this morning - 8am. We were cleaning a friend's carpets this morning.  She has this landlord/letting agent who insist on inspecting her home every 3 months. What the hell for? What do they think she is doing in it? It's her home and they invade it making her a nervous wreck each time. Not right.

Anyway that was why I was up early - she has an inspection tomorrow and the dog had been poorly and she has 2 little boys etc etc.

So we were out of the door at 9.55 - she only lives a couple of miles away, in the car and.....nothing. Nada. Not a peep. Well there was a peep but that was about all - flat battery.

I rang friend twice to ask if she could come round with jump leads (ours were hibernating somewhere in the wood shed) and left messages.

Steve meanwhile found our jump leads and decided to ask our neighbour. That was nice - they don't always get on so well.

Within 10 minutes we were knocking on friend's door. Didn't you get my messages? No, I've been vacuuming - the carpet cleaners are coming this morning.....

2 hours later her carpets were looking fabulous - they would pass any inspection.

We trotted off to Tesco as we needed bread, milk, sugar......Tesco is not our favourite place, but they do fresh-baked bread to die for.

The store was not different to other days - the minute we got in we wanted to leave. People seem to be so rude in there.....So we got our essentials and left ASAP .

It is always wonderful to get home.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oh Duckies..............

HUGE changes for the duckies today.....the front house was ready for them to move into....

But not everybody was going....only the BIG boys.

Which left Dot and the 3 middlings in the Palace.

We had to corner the latter to move the former to the front. This was no mean feat.

We ended up carrying the big boys.

They were as happy as the proverbial pigs - all that lush grass -  but all was not well at the back......

Poor little Dot - it broke my heart to hear her calling for her brothers. It is her this move will affect the most - not only have her boys left her, these 3 little twerps now expect to sleep in the palace with her. Bless.

She did seem to accept her fate - as the day went on we heard her less.

The boys? They seem to have forgotten her already.

The soap....50% successful.

Ducks - perfect.

Big 1/2 egg - perfect.

None of the smaller eggs wanted to come out of the moulds despite having Vaselined the moulds first. The only way to get them out was with a knife. Which mis-shaped them. So a non-starter. But they can be melted down and reused.

Baby duckies - well see for yourself.....

This is TRUE perfection.

A friend came round this afternoon and she was cuddling them. She said they are just gorgeous so it  is not just me being a biased Mama!

What else?

I know - I altered Steve's trousers! They had been sat in the living room for weeks waiting for me to turn the hems up. They had been there so long I had stopped noticing them - know what I mean?! Once I got around to taking them out, measuring, cutting and stitching they were sorted in half an hour. It's a classic case of  doing the deed is usually easier than thinking about it.

There was mass confusion at bed time, none of the ducks knew where they were supposed to go. I want to cry when they are confused and/or upset. Am I too soft for this duck farming malarkey? I dread them growing up and having to leave, but that is the reason they are here in the first place.

Grow up Julie!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Keeping this brief today as we have weather issues....


No, I know that doesn't make sense, but it is very windy today and it has an effect on our broadband connection. I think I have mentioned that we are an awful long way from the exchange. Mostly it just means a very slow speed. But when it's windy slow is almost stationery. With lots of freezing screens. And frayed tempers.

So I will be brief.

Saturday so I didn't have to get up early.

Ducks.....fed, chatted and bathed. The babies both loved the bath today....

Look at that cute expression! And all the splashes!

I made some soap. We bought some egg shaped moulds in the week so I wanted to see how they would turn out. Also did a couple of duckies too......

I won't turn them out until tomorrow to make sure they have set properly.

And that is pretty much it for today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more interesting.....

Friday, 17 February 2012

Agony Aunt and Uncle

So a pretty quiet day for the Rothwells per se.

We have been trying to help other people sort their problems out.

I can not and would not go into detail as they are not my issues to talk about. Have you ever noticed that I never name names? If other people want their business broadcast that is up to them not me, I will only say 'friend'.

So that was much of today, helping a friend who has so much stress piling up on top of her I am afraid she may never find her way out of it. All we can do is advise and support - we can not make decisions or do the nasty stuff for anyone (we do have our own to deal with!).

One thing about other people's issues are they make our own seem insignificant. What have we got to complain about really?

The ducks are all adorable. The little twinnies had their second bath today....Both of them enjoyed it and seemed to delight in splashing us! They are little escape artists though and it takes both of us to make sure they don't jump off the table. Minxes!

We are trying to rearrange the big ducks sleeping arrangements but even that has been problematic today.

I have got to the point of thinking that there is something in the alignment of the stars that is preventing us getting anything done properly. And to try again tomorrow....

So let's just snuggle in and enjoy the fire. The cats are asleep in front of it, the ducks are about to be locked in for the night.

Life is good.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pretty Busy Day

We have got quite a lot done today....

First of all I was up at 8am - we wanted to get into and out of Andover before most of the crowds turned up - bearing in mind it is half term week and today was market day.

So we set off straight after breakfast and arrived there at 9.30.

I needed socks. I like wearing socks with Moos on and the only 3 pairs I had were more holes than socks so it was quite imperative.

Look what we found......

(The slippers were bought in France)

Yes, I'm a big kid!

We also got a new jacket each. Steve's cost £1 and mine was 50p. Steve's has never been worn. We got them in the Sally Ann (Salvation Army) charity shop.

We also found the music shop and got a ligature for my clarinet, so that there is at least an outside chance of me learning to play!

We got home and bathed the new babies. That was fun! It seems that one is a natural water baby and the other one isn't. Already it is impossible to know which one is Val and which is Tyne, so they are just Val and Tyne.

Look at Miss Mermaid rolling around and thoroughly enjoying the water.....

And Miss Prissy just drinking it!

But look how the water baby ended up......

She's like something out of a horror film!

We had to go out again to collect some wood - Steve is planning on starting the Duck House prototype over the weekend.....The timber cost more than we had expected so he had better make a good job of it!

The electric chair has gone back on eBay and a new advert put on Preloved for the ducks.

So we are home and warm in front of a roaring fire.The ducks are all tucked up for the night. Sam and Ella have just gone out to play. (Ella had another little bird today - feathers all over the place - so she is not my No 1 right now).

But the day is nearly over and we are all well and happy.

We have a lot to be grateful for.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Better Late Than Never

That's me today....very very later.

I have no excuse.

No reason.

Just one of those days.

All is well here......

The newborn twins are fabulous....Val seems to have impacted on Steve and Tyne on me. They get in a proper flap when they are picked up by the 'wrong' parent!

The next 12 eggs are in the incubator.

Neither of the cats has been swimming today.

BIG ducks are funny....I sat with them for almost an hour today (temperature was up to 10 degrees!) just studying them. Their interactions with each other are fascinating.

There were 3 hawks circling yesterday and the ducks all tilted their heads as one to watch them. They did the same today with helicopters. We are in the middle of army country here and there are exercises going on on Salisbury Plain - we can hear the guns.

It got me to wondering- what do they actually see?  The ducks.

I mean they cannot see one image as we do - our eyes both look in the same direction and what we see is essentially an overlap of both eyes' vision. A duck has one eye on each side of their heads. So are their brains wired so they can process 2 different images at once?

This is the sort of thing I would love to be able to discuss with them. How do they feel about their life? Are they happy? Do they get bored?

Dr Dolittle was a very lucky man.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


The Arrival of Val

Who hatched on Valentine's Day between 5 and 7.30 am

We got up at 5 am. The eggs were all the same as when we went to bed last night. So we went back to bed a little subdued....

But at 7.30 Steve woke me suggesting I might want to see the little ball of yellow fluff in the incubator!!!

Oh she is just perfect!

When the previous ones have hatched they have spent hours staggering around like tiny drunks. Not this baby - she was up and alert and raring to go. She is in the brooder already. We had set a small area aside for the newly-hatched so they didn't feel intimidated by all the space - a (clean and unused!) cat litter tray. We put her in there with a tiny bowl of food and one of water. She climbed out and went exploring the whole of the brooder!

She is also very LOUD - we think this is because she is communicating with her sisters still in their shells. There is definite progress with them too, so hopefully today I will have more news......

But for now this is our lovely new baby......

Bright, alert and full of confidence!

LATER THE SAME DAY............

At 7.15pm to be precise the second of our Valentine Girls made her appearance.....

This is Tyne with the cheeky face.

Sadly it looks as if Number 3 has given up......There is about 1/6 of the shell cracked but nothing more has happened for a few hours now. And there is no sound coming from her either.

But we have 2 adorable baby girls Val 'n' Tyne.

Who could want for anything more on Valentine's Day?

Oh - there was one other 'event' today.......Sam cat wandered in very cool, calm and collected......and extremely wet! We know the cats like to drink from the duck pond - it looks as if he went too far.....

I was so concerned I got the camera!


Monday, 13 February 2012

What Happened to Yesterday?

One second it was lunchtime, the next I was going to bed....Where did all those hours in between go? This is serious stuff - I lost a whole afternoon....

Perhaps I was kidnapped by aliens?

I have always thought that would be dead cool, but if it happened to me yesterday afternoon then it wasn't cool because I don't remember a thing about it?

So did I snooze?

I don't think so......

This is the problem - I just don't remember.

Scarey stuff.

Anyway, news on the duckies......there isn't any.

Egg number 4 has been despatched - sad, but it was clearly not viable.

Number One was peeping and chipping away at shell yesterday and is still doing the same. I was certain it would appear during the night, but no. 2 and 3 are also internal pipping and tapping their shells. This hatch is very slow which could be to do with the weather. They really are going to have go get a move on though as we still have 12 waiting to go into the incubator. They can't really all be in at once as they each need different conditions.

How would Mother Nature cope with this dilemma?

Nothing more to report from this end really - but all being well there will be ducky news and photo's tomorrow.....

That's if the aliens don't return......

I had to put this in didn't I? 
A friend gave me this - she thought it was funny that it almost says my name.
She doesn't get out much either......

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Reset the thermostat please.

When we left the house at 9.30 this morning the temperature was minus 2. Too cold.

It had been minus 7 in the night which would explain why I kept waking up feeling cold. I have to address this problem....socks and hat perhaps?

We had to go out to buy food for the ducks and coal for us.

We popped in to see some friends very briefly. It was a bit of a 'cut the atmosphere' moment so we beat a hasty retreat. And thanked the Fates we have each other.

After that we were in the house.

I noticed how lovely the frozen snow looked twinkling in the sun. I would have photographed it but the effect would have been lost. It would have just come out like this.....

So I didn't.

We have striven to keep warm today - we have had a heater on in the kitchen and we lit the coal fire early, but it hasn't been easy. 

Have I mentioned that I hate the cold?!

The baby ducks were good taking themselves out of and back into their shed.

Nothing in the incubator yet.

Nothing from the lady who has 'bought' our electric chair on eBay either. So I wrote and said that I understood it was a long way to come, but I really need to know what's what. I didn't think I was being unreasonable after 3 days.

Much of the day I have been making blinkies.....

I also made a cauliflower cheese for dinner and roasted some peppers and red onions in EV olive oil.

I am still not able to eat much. About a third of my previous intake I think. A friend offered me some size 12 clothes today - I said I would be happy to take them in a few weeks as size 12-14 is my target. I am currently 14-16.

That's it for today - too cold to be interesting.

Friday, 10 February 2012

If you go down in the woods today....... would struggle to find us under all the snow!

Yes, it snowed last night and we got up to 3 (?) inches of it.

Everywhere looked remarkably beautiful so I did put new batteries in the camera and went snapping....

This was taken standing on our drive......

As was this.....................

The end of our lane.......

Driving towards 'civilisation'.......

These were all taken soon after 9 am today

We went to work in Enham, cleaning the carpets at the social club. When we came out the sun was shining and the snow was melting. Glad - gorgeous as it is I don't like it on a daily basis....too messy!

The ducks were unphased by it all, and as soon as we opened the door of the nursery they waddled off to join the big boys (and girl).

Best photo of the day has to go to Ms Smug as she sat on her daddy's knee this morning.......

The Cat Who Got The Cream?!

So I have got back into the photo taking habit.....good thing too since nothing much happened today!

We are anticipating 3/4 eggs to hatch over the next day or 2 so there will be plenty of photo's then.

Off to shut the duckies in for the night.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. I have no idea why, I just thought it was.

But of course it wasn't it was Thursday.

My dear, departed Mum would think I was wishing my life away - this was a mortal sin as a child! "Life goes quickly enough Jewel, don't wish it to go any faster". Of course I didn't believe her - when you are a child life will go on forever won't it? Ah, if only youth were not wasted on the young.....

Jewel was Mum's pet name for me. Jewel not Jules. I always felt precious when she called me that.

                                                                  (Julie was my 'naughty name'!!)

You may have noticed a lack of photographs over the past few days. My camera is poorly. Well not really poorly, just needs new batteries. Yes, I do have the batteries, but they are in the cold, cold bedroom at the cold end of the house. And I am not awake enough first thing to remember to bring them out with me.

Oh alright - I CBA.

There will be photo's here again one day. When the weather is a bit warmer......

You will just have to put up with these for now........

Yes, I have been playing!

Ducks. All is well in the world of Puddleducks. Ebony almost got a new home today....

A lady was asking on Preloved for a duck. Not too old, not mad about water....Ebony sounded ideal. But it was just too far for her to come to collect her. What a shame.

Don't get me wrong, we are not actively seeking a new home for her, but once they are all old enough to be breeding then things will look different. We are Puddleducks which means Aylesburys. An Aylesbury crossed with a rogue 'who knows what she is' is not going to look so good is it?

The 3/4 eggs in the incubator are due to start hatching tomorrow.....Fingers crossed there......

Still very cold, but no more snow yet. 

And that is about all for today I think.

Isn't she fun?!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Second Time Lucky?

This is the second time today I have written my blog....

I sat down earlier and wrote about being cold, meeting 'celebs' and how nice our postman was today. I was about to hit 'publish' when Ella came and sat on my lap. And booped the keyboard. And it all disappeared.

So I left it for a while as I couldn't face writing it all again.

I am now fed and watered and getting warm (we have lit the open fire) and feeling much more like re-writing.

First topic was cold. It was very cold this morning. Not as cold as it has been temperature wise but there was a biting wind that lowered it by several degrees.

I am useless in the cold. I get low and I get snappy.

In bed last night my hands were cramping and my legs and feet threatened to follow suit. I joked with Steve that I should buy some Damart thermal PJ's.

Nice people.....

I didn't realise our postman was one. Until today.....

We had ordered a dozen duck eggs and were expecting them to arrive in a day or two. We had to go out this morning and when we returned there was the dreaded 'While you were Out' card from Royal Mail. The eggs. What a flaming nuisance - the post doesn't usually come until 2pm and the morning we are out and expecting a parcel he comes early.....

So we planned a trip into Salisbury tomorrow to collect them. Damned inconvenient but there you go - that's life.

A couple of hours later we heard a van outside. I have to point out that this is a rare occurrence here as there is only us and one other property along this particular lane. So Steve got up to look...It was the postman.

He apologised for leaving the card but the parcel said it was on a before 11 am delivery schedule so he had had to make a special journey for it. As he was finishing work he thought he would pop in to see if we were back. It's a little more than 'popping in' as our lane alone is more than half a mile on top of the 2 miles out of the village.

I call that darned good service. And I do feel guilty for referring to him as Postman Prat now.

Which brings us to 'famous people'.

How do you react to them? Do you go all silly and melty?

I ask because we saw someone in a DIY shop this morning who used to be on British TV rather a lot. Too much in fact - he was someone who thought he was funny. And wasn't.

The 'famous' have this air of 'look at me, no don't look at me *sigh* it is such an ordeal being famous'. I do not subscribe to this. If I see anyone like that I go out of my way to ignore them. Had I spoken to him it would have been along the lines of 'didn't you used to be married to whats-her-name?' Take him down a peg or three.....

I have no time for 'celebrity' status.

Wahey - finished without a sniff of an Ella coming remotely near.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tempus Fugit

Yes it does.

I hadn't realised it was 8 o'clock even though I have done everything I would normally do.

Except blog.

So I thought I had better get on with it.....

Nice morning with the duckies. Weather quite mild but misty.

We let all the ducks out and the little ones made their way to the big ones' enclosure.

We had the usual re-establishing of the pecking order whereby Ebony was put very firmly in his/her place. We are somehow thinking along the lines of Ebony actually being male - I think it's the cocksure attitude. So from now on I will refer to her as he. If that makes sense?!

The 3 little ones were still refusing to go into the pond so I decided we had to be cruel to be kind. And we literally threw the 2 yellow ones in. Ebony (if he is a Runner which we think he is) is less of a water duck so we left him. But, would you believe it, once his sisters were in he wandered in very nonchalantly!

So we had 3 little ducks in the pond actually enjoying it despite themselves.

Then......BIG aw of the big boys waddled in and started showing them how to do it properly. He was gently pushing their heads under until they got the hang of it. It really was lovely to see.

We went to get some straw for the ducks this afternoon.We know a racehorse trainer who lets us the odd bail cheap.

Today he was just putting the horses in and feeding them. And we were encouraged to get up close and personal with them too....

This was quite a thrill for me, never having had much contact with horses. They were such beautiful, dignified  animals, I was overawed by them. I was invited to sit on one (Steve told him I never had in all my life sat on a horse) to which I said I would think about it. I met the horse I would start with - a beautiful grey called Charlie.....

One day perhaps.

Monday, 6 February 2012

It's Working....

What's working?

My latest hypno band.

Last Monday morning I tried on the tester jeans. I refuse to stand on scales (more later) so I don't have a clue what I weigh. All I know is that I love these cargo jeans and I am determined to wear them again.

So a week ago I could get them on.

I had that annoying V-shape where they were not going to fasten, but they were on. This was a very good starting point.....

This morning I tried them on again.....

Not only did I get them up but they fastened - zip and button!

I could have worn them at a push but in a couple of weeks (at the rate this week has gone) they should be truly comfortable.

This is brilliant news!

I have spent the week eating absolutely anything I want to - I have just been restricted by the amount. The hypnotherapy worked in convincing me my stomach is the size of a golf ball. Therefore that is all I can eat at a time - a golf ball sized portion.

Yesterday we had a roast dinner. Normally I would have eaten a pile of roast potatoes and a huge yorkshire pudding (one of  Steve's specialities). As it was my plate contained one roast potato, half a yorkie pud, one stuffing ball, 2 slices of chicken and a spoonful of veg. I managed to eat about 2/3 of it before I could feel my stomach saying 'ENOUGH!'

It's a good feeling.

Years ago I was anorexic/bulimic.

This started from needing to watch my weight for dancing, but spiralled out of control in direct proportion to my unhappy home life.

When I had my breakdown (almost 14 years ago) I weighed under 7 stone. I am 5ft 6ins tall.

When I had a bath I could not lay down without a towel underneath me as it hurt. BUT I would look in the mirror and see FAT.

At this time I was eating about 500 calories a day.. I would jump on and off the scales up to 6 times a day. And every few days I would binge. Then purge.

I was a mess.

In fact the vague term 'eating disorders' was one of the things I was diagnosed with.

When I quit smoking 14 months ago the weight piled on. It would have been so, so easy to get back onto that roller-coaster again, but that was then, this is now and I am a stronger person than I was 14 years ago.

My weight is decreasing in such a way that I don't feel deprived, and I am happy.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oh no, thick thick Snow

So it was an inch or so.

Everything is relative.

Hate, hate, hate the stuff......although everywhere did look very pretty this morning.......

Our front garden

And the back

The ducks didn't seem to know what to make of it....there was that eerie silence from them again today. I have to wonder if they are still missing their brother and sister? They must have emotions mustn't they?

So to ease the gaps we let the 3 little ones in with them in readiness for integration.

Ebony is so funny......he/she is the BIG one amongst the tiddlers and goes in to the big ones with this attitude. She soon gets put in her place. The Pecking Order. There is no malice at all - just a little nip that seems to say 'There's the mark and you just overstepped it Squirt'. We love to just stand and watch the interaction between them all.

Observation came in very useful today too. We had decided to choose a mate for Dot. But he chose himself. We looked out at one point and there they were in the small guinea pig hut together. Awww.....

So we collared him and ringed (rung?) him so that he didn't get sold by accident.


I was keen on Charlie. He's a drake so it would be Charlie Drake. You have to be over 40 to appreciate that. Or google him.

Steve had the brainwave of Dash. Dot and Dash. As in morse code. This seems appropriate as Steve once worked in comms. So Dash it is.

And guess who couldn't resist singing 'Dashing through the snow.....'?!?


There has been more music here today. I really didn't realise how much I had missed a keyboard. I have been working on The William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger according to Steve) and The Hall of The Mountain King from Peer Gynt (Alton Towers). The kitties initially scarpered again but returned, so perhaps they have firm musical tastes? Who knows how these animals function?


In my relentless quest to find amusing pictures and/or words I stumbled upon this. Which is neither funny words or pictures. It is a thought provoker. It is also one of my philosophies in a different format. At the end of the day nothing really matters all that much. so quit worrying.......

See what you make of it........

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Arrivals and Departures

We have had both today....

We have also had minus temperatures for most of the day and snow as I write. It was minus 10 at 5 am and it woke me, feeling cold, in my usually toasty bed.

Arrivals first.

Just look at this beautiful baby....

How spectacular is that?

This was my Freecycle of the Year. Yup - it was free!

The chap we got it from received it when he was 6 years old. He still had the original receipt! He demonstrated it to me and boy, can he play?! He also showed me his new one that looked more like the bridge of USS Enterprise than an organ. He had the sheet music for Nimrod and I asked him would he play it for me. It brought tears to my eyes.

So I have this all singing all dancing whizz bang fantabulous new toy to play with. Just look at all the buttons! And there are at least an octave's worth of pedals that play bass. Yes, I have had a play on it (I can play piano after a fashion) but it will take time to get familiar with it.

I did actually tell the original owner that I felt guilty taking it as it would never achieve its full potential with me at the helm. He was only too pleased that it would be loved. Can you believe someone asked for it then changed their mind? Their loss is my gain. I am totally enthralled with it. The cats are not - Ella ran and Sam hid under the sofa. Perhaps I should invest in some headphones?


This is a bit sad really......

We had a lady come to look at the ducks this morning. She had told me she wanted a girl and a boy (if poss) to keep her unsexed duck company. Fine.

I thought she would only be interested in the Aylesburys, but she really fell for Ace. She didn't seem to care that we didn't know what Ace was - she liked that he is different.

So our last but one girl (Little Dot is going nowhere!) and Ace have gone.


Silly - it is a business after all.

                                                  Bye bye Ace - our very first little duck......

Friday, 3 February 2012


Unless you or someone close to you has ever suffered from depression much of today's post will go over your head.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said 'god I'm depressed - look at the state of my hair'? Or similar.

Can I ask you to think twice next time you want to say something is depressing you?

Yes, things can make you fed up/down/low/blue or even downright piss you off. But depressed? Nope.

When I was a child I got told off for saying I was starving. There were millions in this world who really were starving - I was merely hungry. That has stuck with me.

Depression and being fed up is similar. Unless you have been really depressed you have no idea what it is really like.

I hadn't.

I was never what you would call a happy person (except when I was dancing) but not really depressed either. Until I had my breakdown.

This was something that crept up on me gradually until one day I just didn't want to live anymore.

That was 13 years ago, and whilst my life is now well and truly worth living, it doesn't mean I live in Happy Fluffy Cloud Cuckoo Land. Not all the time anyway.

Today I did 2 things that on other days I would not be able to.

One was that I went into the doctor's reception on my own to collect my Happy Pills. Not a big deal to 99.9% of people. To me this was quite big. There is one receptionist who is a darling, and one who is a bitch. Some days I could cope with the latter and give her as good as I got. Other days she could reduce to me to very public and very humiliating tears.

I am fairly sure of who is there on which day of the week, but there are no guarantees are there? The nice one could be ill or have some other reason for not being there, and I would be faced with the bulldog chewing a wasp. I either ask Steve to come in with me or he goes and I wait in the car.

Today I went in alone.

As it happens it was the nice one so all was well. But it was a huge risk for me to take.

The other big thing was knocking on someone's door. I know I do it all the time at work, but today I was doing it as ME, not an anonymous carpet cleaner. And the person's door I was knocking on has issues with us. She is the mother in law of our ex landlord.

Again the fates were smiling on me as it wasn't her who answered the door. She doesn't even live at that address anymore. But again I was taking a HUGE step outside my safety zone.

And lived to tell the tale.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Don't like it

I am not a person to hate much at all.

I do not hate any person as I feel it is too strong an emotion to waste on someone.

I can dislike, despise, detest, but not hate.

Things are a little different.

There are not many things that I can truly say I hate, but one of them is being cold.

And today is cold.

The temperature is around 0, but there is a severe wind chill factor making it several degrees under.

Yes, the sun is shining, but at this time of year it has no power whatsoever, it just looks pretty.

Poor little ducks, although they don't seem bothered by it, have had little attention today. I went outside and within 2 minutes my hands were blocks of ice and my feet had disappeared altogether.

Cats are snuggling indoors where it is warm (and they are wearing fur coats!).

We have just lit a fire (4pm) and for the first time today I have felt a little heat.

Pathetic I know, especially when so many of you live in really cold conditions. I apologise for being such a wuss.

No photo's have been taken today, as being cold makes me miserable and short tempered.

I want my bed.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Carpets and Clarinets

We cleaned some carpets today.

Wow you say - you are carpet cleaners and you cleaned some carpets. Is that it?!

These were not just any carpets. They were in one of my favourite charity shops. Enham.

Have I mentioned this before? I have slept so I cannot be sure without going back over all my posts. And to do that I have to stop writing this one, and then come back. So I won't.

I have just remembered I did! I put the Wikipedia link to Enham Alamein. Did you go? It's a wonderful place.

They had some amazing photographs on the wall today of how the shop was in the 1920's. It was a basket shop then. I love to see how places have changed.

The manager (I'm not allowed to put manageress because it would be politically incorrect, but she was a female manager) was thrilled to bits not only with the standard of the clean but the fact that the back of the shop was dry before we had finished the front. She had previously said we could put some leaflets in the shop but we forgot to take any didn't we? So we have to pop in with some at some point. That will be such a trial - me in Enham charity shop!

Clarinets? I have one. I have never learned to play one and when the opportunity to own one was presented I didn't need asking twice. Thing is I got it over a month ago but didn't have any reeds. SO I couldn't start learning.

My reeds arrived today! SO now there is nothing to stop me.......

Steve is expecting to hear 'Stranger on the Shore' any minute now.

Yeah right.

Ducks were little tinkers. The babies were anyway.....

We left their door open so that they could wander in and out to their paddling pool as and when they pleased and went into the house to do a few jobs.We felt quite happy leaving them as there is a double row of bricks around the PP to stop them escaping.

When I went to put them away I couldn't see them. I figured they must be snuggled right into the corner of their cot. No.OMG where were they?

I looked down the garden and there they were standing at the fence talking to the big ones on the other side. Oh, it was so sweet and gave us confidence for when they are moved out there permanently next week.

But how did they escape?

One of life's great mysteries.........