Friday, 17 February 2012

Agony Aunt and Uncle

So a pretty quiet day for the Rothwells per se.

We have been trying to help other people sort their problems out.

I can not and would not go into detail as they are not my issues to talk about. Have you ever noticed that I never name names? If other people want their business broadcast that is up to them not me, I will only say 'friend'.

So that was much of today, helping a friend who has so much stress piling up on top of her I am afraid she may never find her way out of it. All we can do is advise and support - we can not make decisions or do the nasty stuff for anyone (we do have our own to deal with!).

One thing about other people's issues are they make our own seem insignificant. What have we got to complain about really?

The ducks are all adorable. The little twinnies had their second bath today....Both of them enjoyed it and seemed to delight in splashing us! They are little escape artists though and it takes both of us to make sure they don't jump off the table. Minxes!

We are trying to rearrange the big ducks sleeping arrangements but even that has been problematic today.

I have got to the point of thinking that there is something in the alignment of the stars that is preventing us getting anything done properly. And to try again tomorrow....

So let's just snuggle in and enjoy the fire. The cats are asleep in front of it, the ducks are about to be locked in for the night.

Life is good.

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