Saturday, 4 February 2012

Arrivals and Departures

We have had both today....

We have also had minus temperatures for most of the day and snow as I write. It was minus 10 at 5 am and it woke me, feeling cold, in my usually toasty bed.

Arrivals first.

Just look at this beautiful baby....

How spectacular is that?

This was my Freecycle of the Year. Yup - it was free!

The chap we got it from received it when he was 6 years old. He still had the original receipt! He demonstrated it to me and boy, can he play?! He also showed me his new one that looked more like the bridge of USS Enterprise than an organ. He had the sheet music for Nimrod and I asked him would he play it for me. It brought tears to my eyes.

So I have this all singing all dancing whizz bang fantabulous new toy to play with. Just look at all the buttons! And there are at least an octave's worth of pedals that play bass. Yes, I have had a play on it (I can play piano after a fashion) but it will take time to get familiar with it.

I did actually tell the original owner that I felt guilty taking it as it would never achieve its full potential with me at the helm. He was only too pleased that it would be loved. Can you believe someone asked for it then changed their mind? Their loss is my gain. I am totally enthralled with it. The cats are not - Ella ran and Sam hid under the sofa. Perhaps I should invest in some headphones?


This is a bit sad really......

We had a lady come to look at the ducks this morning. She had told me she wanted a girl and a boy (if poss) to keep her unsexed duck company. Fine.

I thought she would only be interested in the Aylesburys, but she really fell for Ace. She didn't seem to care that we didn't know what Ace was - she liked that he is different.

So our last but one girl (Little Dot is going nowhere!) and Ace have gone.


Silly - it is a business after all.

                                                  Bye bye Ace - our very first little duck......

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