Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Better Late Than Never

That's me today....very very later.

I have no excuse.

No reason.

Just one of those days.

All is well here......

The newborn twins are fabulous....Val seems to have impacted on Steve and Tyne on me. They get in a proper flap when they are picked up by the 'wrong' parent!

The next 12 eggs are in the incubator.

Neither of the cats has been swimming today.

BIG ducks are funny....I sat with them for almost an hour today (temperature was up to 10 degrees!) just studying them. Their interactions with each other are fascinating.

There were 3 hawks circling yesterday and the ducks all tilted their heads as one to watch them. They did the same today with helicopters. We are in the middle of army country here and there are exercises going on on Salisbury Plain - we can hear the guns.

It got me to wondering- what do they actually see?  The ducks.

I mean they cannot see one image as we do - our eyes both look in the same direction and what we see is essentially an overlap of both eyes' vision. A duck has one eye on each side of their heads. So are their brains wired so they can process 2 different images at once?

This is the sort of thing I would love to be able to discuss with them. How do they feel about their life? Are they happy? Do they get bored?

Dr Dolittle was a very lucky man.

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