Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Carpets and Clarinets

We cleaned some carpets today.

Wow you say - you are carpet cleaners and you cleaned some carpets. Is that it?!

These were not just any carpets. They were in one of my favourite charity shops. Enham.

Have I mentioned this before? I have slept so I cannot be sure without going back over all my posts. And to do that I have to stop writing this one, and then come back. So I won't.

I have just remembered I did! I put the Wikipedia link to Enham Alamein. Did you go? It's a wonderful place.

They had some amazing photographs on the wall today of how the shop was in the 1920's. It was a basket shop then. I love to see how places have changed.

The manager (I'm not allowed to put manageress because it would be politically incorrect, but she was a female manager) was thrilled to bits not only with the standard of the clean but the fact that the back of the shop was dry before we had finished the front. She had previously said we could put some leaflets in the shop but we forgot to take any didn't we? So we have to pop in with some at some point. That will be such a trial - me in Enham charity shop!

Clarinets? I have one. I have never learned to play one and when the opportunity to own one was presented I didn't need asking twice. Thing is I got it over a month ago but didn't have any reeds. SO I couldn't start learning.

My reeds arrived today! SO now there is nothing to stop me.......

Steve is expecting to hear 'Stranger on the Shore' any minute now.

Yeah right.

Ducks were little tinkers. The babies were anyway.....

We left their door open so that they could wander in and out to their paddling pool as and when they pleased and went into the house to do a few jobs.We felt quite happy leaving them as there is a double row of bricks around the PP to stop them escaping.

When I went to put them away I couldn't see them. I figured they must be snuggled right into the corner of their cot. No.OMG where were they?

I looked down the garden and there they were standing at the fence talking to the big ones on the other side. Oh, it was so sweet and gave us confidence for when they are moved out there permanently next week.

But how did they escape?

One of life's great mysteries.........

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