Thursday, 2 February 2012

Don't like it

I am not a person to hate much at all.

I do not hate any person as I feel it is too strong an emotion to waste on someone.

I can dislike, despise, detest, but not hate.

Things are a little different.

There are not many things that I can truly say I hate, but one of them is being cold.

And today is cold.

The temperature is around 0, but there is a severe wind chill factor making it several degrees under.

Yes, the sun is shining, but at this time of year it has no power whatsoever, it just looks pretty.

Poor little ducks, although they don't seem bothered by it, have had little attention today. I went outside and within 2 minutes my hands were blocks of ice and my feet had disappeared altogether.

Cats are snuggling indoors where it is warm (and they are wearing fur coats!).

We have just lit a fire (4pm) and for the first time today I have felt a little heat.

Pathetic I know, especially when so many of you live in really cold conditions. I apologise for being such a wuss.

No photo's have been taken today, as being cold makes me miserable and short tempered.

I want my bed.

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