Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday, Monday

(Who remembers the Mamas and Papas? Ha - you're as old as me then!)

I had to get up 'early' this morning - 8am. We were cleaning a friend's carpets this morning.  She has this landlord/letting agent who insist on inspecting her home every 3 months. What the hell for? What do they think she is doing in it? It's her home and they invade it making her a nervous wreck each time. Not right.

Anyway that was why I was up early - she has an inspection tomorrow and the dog had been poorly and she has 2 little boys etc etc.

So we were out of the door at 9.55 - she only lives a couple of miles away, in the car and.....nothing. Nada. Not a peep. Well there was a peep but that was about all - flat battery.

I rang friend twice to ask if she could come round with jump leads (ours were hibernating somewhere in the wood shed) and left messages.

Steve meanwhile found our jump leads and decided to ask our neighbour. That was nice - they don't always get on so well.

Within 10 minutes we were knocking on friend's door. Didn't you get my messages? No, I've been vacuuming - the carpet cleaners are coming this morning.....

2 hours later her carpets were looking fabulous - they would pass any inspection.

We trotted off to Tesco as we needed bread, milk, sugar......Tesco is not our favourite place, but they do fresh-baked bread to die for.

The store was not different to other days - the minute we got in we wanted to leave. People seem to be so rude in there.....So we got our essentials and left ASAP .

It is always wonderful to get home.

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