Tuesday, 14 February 2012


The Arrival of Val

Who hatched on Valentine's Day between 5 and 7.30 am

We got up at 5 am. The eggs were all the same as when we went to bed last night. So we went back to bed a little subdued....

But at 7.30 Steve woke me suggesting I might want to see the little ball of yellow fluff in the incubator!!!

Oh she is just perfect!

When the previous ones have hatched they have spent hours staggering around like tiny drunks. Not this baby - she was up and alert and raring to go. She is in the brooder already. We had set a small area aside for the newly-hatched so they didn't feel intimidated by all the space - a (clean and unused!) cat litter tray. We put her in there with a tiny bowl of food and one of water. She climbed out and went exploring the whole of the brooder!

She is also very LOUD - we think this is because she is communicating with her sisters still in their shells. There is definite progress with them too, so hopefully today I will have more news......

But for now this is our lovely new baby......

Bright, alert and full of confidence!

LATER THE SAME DAY............

At 7.15pm to be precise the second of our Valentine Girls made her appearance.....

This is Tyne with the cheeky face.

Sadly it looks as if Number 3 has given up......There is about 1/6 of the shell cracked but nothing more has happened for a few hours now. And there is no sound coming from her either.

But we have 2 adorable baby girls Val 'n' Tyne.

Who could want for anything more on Valentine's Day?

Oh - there was one other 'event' today.......Sam cat wandered in very cool, calm and collected......and extremely wet! We know the cats like to drink from the duck pond - it looks as if he went too far.....

I was so concerned I got the camera!


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