Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oh Duckies..............

HUGE changes for the duckies today.....the front house was ready for them to move into....

But not everybody was going....only the BIG boys.

Which left Dot and the 3 middlings in the Palace.

We had to corner the latter to move the former to the front. This was no mean feat.

We ended up carrying the big boys.

They were as happy as the proverbial pigs - all that lush grass -  but all was not well at the back......

Poor little Dot - it broke my heart to hear her calling for her brothers. It is her this move will affect the most - not only have her boys left her, these 3 little twerps now expect to sleep in the palace with her. Bless.

She did seem to accept her fate - as the day went on we heard her less.

The boys? They seem to have forgotten her already.

The soap....50% successful.

Ducks - perfect.

Big 1/2 egg - perfect.

None of the smaller eggs wanted to come out of the moulds despite having Vaselined the moulds first. The only way to get them out was with a knife. Which mis-shaped them. So a non-starter. But they can be melted down and reused.

Baby duckies - well see for yourself.....

This is TRUE perfection.

A friend came round this afternoon and she was cuddling them. She said they are just gorgeous so it  is not just me being a biased Mama!

What else?

I know - I altered Steve's trousers! They had been sat in the living room for weeks waiting for me to turn the hems up. They had been there so long I had stopped noticing them - know what I mean?! Once I got around to taking them out, measuring, cutting and stitching they were sorted in half an hour. It's a classic case of  doing the deed is usually easier than thinking about it.

There was mass confusion at bed time, none of the ducks knew where they were supposed to go. I want to cry when they are confused and/or upset. Am I too soft for this duck farming malarkey? I dread them growing up and having to leave, but that is the reason they are here in the first place.

Grow up Julie!

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