Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pretty Busy Day

We have got quite a lot done today....

First of all I was up at 8am - we wanted to get into and out of Andover before most of the crowds turned up - bearing in mind it is half term week and today was market day.

So we set off straight after breakfast and arrived there at 9.30.

I needed socks. I like wearing socks with Moos on and the only 3 pairs I had were more holes than socks so it was quite imperative.

Look what we found......

(The slippers were bought in France)

Yes, I'm a big kid!

We also got a new jacket each. Steve's cost £1 and mine was 50p. Steve's has never been worn. We got them in the Sally Ann (Salvation Army) charity shop.

We also found the music shop and got a ligature for my clarinet, so that there is at least an outside chance of me learning to play!

We got home and bathed the new babies. That was fun! It seems that one is a natural water baby and the other one isn't. Already it is impossible to know which one is Val and which is Tyne, so they are just Val and Tyne.

Look at Miss Mermaid rolling around and thoroughly enjoying the water.....

And Miss Prissy just drinking it!

But look how the water baby ended up......

She's like something out of a horror film!

We had to go out again to collect some wood - Steve is planning on starting the Duck House prototype over the weekend.....The timber cost more than we had expected so he had better make a good job of it!

The electric chair has gone back on eBay and a new advert put on Preloved for the ducks.

So we are home and warm in front of a roaring fire.The ducks are all tucked up for the night. Sam and Ella have just gone out to play. (Ella had another little bird today - feathers all over the place - so she is not my No 1 right now).

But the day is nearly over and we are all well and happy.

We have a lot to be grateful for.

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