Saturday, 11 February 2012

Reset the thermostat please.

When we left the house at 9.30 this morning the temperature was minus 2. Too cold.

It had been minus 7 in the night which would explain why I kept waking up feeling cold. I have to address this problem....socks and hat perhaps?

We had to go out to buy food for the ducks and coal for us.

We popped in to see some friends very briefly. It was a bit of a 'cut the atmosphere' moment so we beat a hasty retreat. And thanked the Fates we have each other.

After that we were in the house.

I noticed how lovely the frozen snow looked twinkling in the sun. I would have photographed it but the effect would have been lost. It would have just come out like this.....

So I didn't.

We have striven to keep warm today - we have had a heater on in the kitchen and we lit the coal fire early, but it hasn't been easy. 

Have I mentioned that I hate the cold?!

The baby ducks were good taking themselves out of and back into their shed.

Nothing in the incubator yet.

Nothing from the lady who has 'bought' our electric chair on eBay either. So I wrote and said that I understood it was a long way to come, but I really need to know what's what. I didn't think I was being unreasonable after 3 days.

Much of the day I have been making blinkies.....

I also made a cauliflower cheese for dinner and roasted some peppers and red onions in EV olive oil.

I am still not able to eat much. About a third of my previous intake I think. A friend offered me some size 12 clothes today - I said I would be happy to take them in a few weeks as size 12-14 is my target. I am currently 14-16.

That's it for today - too cold to be interesting.

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