Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Second Time Lucky?

This is the second time today I have written my blog....

I sat down earlier and wrote about being cold, meeting 'celebs' and how nice our postman was today. I was about to hit 'publish' when Ella came and sat on my lap. And booped the keyboard. And it all disappeared.

So I left it for a while as I couldn't face writing it all again.

I am now fed and watered and getting warm (we have lit the open fire) and feeling much more like re-writing.

First topic was cold. It was very cold this morning. Not as cold as it has been temperature wise but there was a biting wind that lowered it by several degrees.

I am useless in the cold. I get low and I get snappy.

In bed last night my hands were cramping and my legs and feet threatened to follow suit. I joked with Steve that I should buy some Damart thermal PJ's.

Nice people.....

I didn't realise our postman was one. Until today.....

We had ordered a dozen duck eggs and were expecting them to arrive in a day or two. We had to go out this morning and when we returned there was the dreaded 'While you were Out' card from Royal Mail. The eggs. What a flaming nuisance - the post doesn't usually come until 2pm and the morning we are out and expecting a parcel he comes early.....

So we planned a trip into Salisbury tomorrow to collect them. Damned inconvenient but there you go - that's life.

A couple of hours later we heard a van outside. I have to point out that this is a rare occurrence here as there is only us and one other property along this particular lane. So Steve got up to look...It was the postman.

He apologised for leaving the card but the parcel said it was on a before 11 am delivery schedule so he had had to make a special journey for it. As he was finishing work he thought he would pop in to see if we were back. It's a little more than 'popping in' as our lane alone is more than half a mile on top of the 2 miles out of the village.

I call that darned good service. And I do feel guilty for referring to him as Postman Prat now.

Which brings us to 'famous people'.

How do you react to them? Do you go all silly and melty?

I ask because we saw someone in a DIY shop this morning who used to be on British TV rather a lot. Too much in fact - he was someone who thought he was funny. And wasn't.

The 'famous' have this air of 'look at me, no don't look at me *sigh* it is such an ordeal being famous'. I do not subscribe to this. If I see anyone like that I go out of my way to ignore them. Had I spoken to him it would have been along the lines of 'didn't you used to be married to whats-her-name?' Take him down a peg or three.....

I have no time for 'celebrity' status.

Wahey - finished without a sniff of an Ella coming remotely near.

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