Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tempus Fugit

Yes it does.

I hadn't realised it was 8 o'clock even though I have done everything I would normally do.

Except blog.

So I thought I had better get on with it.....

Nice morning with the duckies. Weather quite mild but misty.

We let all the ducks out and the little ones made their way to the big ones' enclosure.

We had the usual re-establishing of the pecking order whereby Ebony was put very firmly in his/her place. We are somehow thinking along the lines of Ebony actually being male - I think it's the cocksure attitude. So from now on I will refer to her as he. If that makes sense?!

The 3 little ones were still refusing to go into the pond so I decided we had to be cruel to be kind. And we literally threw the 2 yellow ones in. Ebony (if he is a Runner which we think he is) is less of a water duck so we left him. But, would you believe it, once his sisters were in he wandered in very nonchalantly!

So we had 3 little ducks in the pond actually enjoying it despite themselves.

Then......BIG aw moment.........one of the big boys waddled in and started showing them how to do it properly. He was gently pushing their heads under until they got the hang of it. It really was lovely to see.

We went to get some straw for the ducks this afternoon.We know a racehorse trainer who lets us the odd bail cheap.

Today he was just putting the horses in and feeding them. And we were encouraged to get up close and personal with them too....

This was quite a thrill for me, never having had much contact with horses. They were such beautiful, dignified  animals, I was overawed by them. I was invited to sit on one (Steve told him I never had in all my life sat on a horse) to which I said I would think about it. I met the horse I would start with - a beautiful grey called Charlie.....

One day perhaps.

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