Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thinking Day

That's if you are part of the Guiding Movement.

I was briefly in the Brownies when I was 8/9 (?). I say 'briefly' - I was asked to leave because they just kept making me tie knots and I hated it. And told them so....

Anyway on 22nd February each year it is the Guides' Thinking Day. On this day you are expected to wear your brownie uniform to school. Yeah, right - something else to be bullied about. Wasn't it enough that they bullied me about so many other things? My name (Peach), the fact that I didn't speak the same as them (I was born in Leicester but my mother was from Devon so I was brought up with a very different accent). I was adopted. I was clever and the teachers liked me....the list went on. Thinking Day I didn't need.

My daughter was very happy to wear her Rainbows, Brownies and Guides uniforms - she went to special school where there was very little bullying as they were all disabled in some way. They respected each other's differences. (Able-bodied) kids can be so cruel.

 So Thinking Day and I got to thinking.....about this blog for one thing. You see, I know how many of you read me every day.......I like that people do, but I don't know how I am received. I don;t know if you all read my blog to make you feel better about your own lives, or if you are really interested in the things I do. Sooooooo

I am asking for comments please.

The comments widget is enabled so there is nothing stopping you. You could just tick the box or, more useful to me, actually write something. It doesn't have to be nice, and I am certainly not trawling for sycophants. The truth. So that if I am getting it wrong I can address what the problems are and change them.

Thank You.

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