Monday, 13 February 2012

What Happened to Yesterday?

One second it was lunchtime, the next I was going to bed....Where did all those hours in between go? This is serious stuff - I lost a whole afternoon....

Perhaps I was kidnapped by aliens?

I have always thought that would be dead cool, but if it happened to me yesterday afternoon then it wasn't cool because I don't remember a thing about it?

So did I snooze?

I don't think so......

This is the problem - I just don't remember.

Scarey stuff.

Anyway, news on the duckies......there isn't any.

Egg number 4 has been despatched - sad, but it was clearly not viable.

Number One was peeping and chipping away at shell yesterday and is still doing the same. I was certain it would appear during the night, but no. 2 and 3 are also internal pipping and tapping their shells. This hatch is very slow which could be to do with the weather. They really are going to have go get a move on though as we still have 12 waiting to go into the incubator. They can't really all be in at once as they each need different conditions.

How would Mother Nature cope with this dilemma?

Nothing more to report from this end really - but all being well there will be ducky news and photo's tomorrow.....

That's if the aliens don't return......

I had to put this in didn't I? 
A friend gave me this - she thought it was funny that it almost says my name.
She doesn't get out much either......

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